05955 Topic: Systems Thinking for Quality and Productivity

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A primary responsibility of HCO leaders is to ensure quality, implement quality practices, and monitor performance of quality initiatives. Some may argue that among the challenges of this is the notion that there may be conflicting interests between quality and productivity.

For this Competency, consider that you have been asked to propose a policy that uses systems thinking to improve quality without reducing productivity. First, you must analyze these relationships. In a 2- to 3-page report to your supervisor explain:

• How can systems thinking be used to improve quality?

• What is the relationship between quality improvement and productivity improvement and are they at odds with each other?

• As a health care leader, what systems thinking strategies can you offer to best address the relationship between quality and productivity, and avoid any issues that you perceive would put them at odds with each other?

Be sure to support your position with external contemporary literature. Cite all resources in APA format