Eduardo Soto Quinones

           Applying the knowledge and skills acquired and taking them to practice is very important for a nurse, so, I consider that the essential IV can influence and may change my current practice in the future. My patients suffer a chronic disease ( Chronic Kidney Failure), which is a disease that in many patients might be prevented. Master’s prepared nurses applies research outcomes within practice, use evidence, get knowledge, resolves problems, promote changes in favor of their patients and communities, and report and explain the results obtained.

           As a nurse, I use my knowledge to create strategies and promote actions within the health system to prevent the disease, or slow its progress toward the final stage, which could decreased the number of patients in dialysis, resulting in a benefit for the patient and the health system. I would also use the knowledge obtained in programs like this one in FNU, to improve the quality of care and provide effective treatments, avoid complications they could have, including cardiovascular diseases and infections that are the two main causes of death of our patients, also decrease hospitalizations, the amount of medications and other invasive procedures.

            My patients need dialysis or a kidney transplant to survive, I focus in continuing to improve the process, monitoring the patients performing the necessary labs and test, make sure they follow the doctor’s appointment, and that patients reach the transplant in the best possible health condition and increase the chances of transplant success.


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