Assignment 6.3: Mental Disorders

Mental Disorders


Identify the different assessment and diagnostic methods related to mental disorders


This writing assignment explores ways to assess mental disorders.


A one and one half-page paper (12-point font)

Step 1 Conduct online research.

Research the main categories of mental disorders and their evaluation and assessments. For example, you can use your favorite Internet search engine to look up the following sites:

  • National Institute of Mental Health
  • Mental
  • American Psychological Association Help Center

Step 2 Report on methods of diagnosis and assessments of the major mental disorders.

Write a one and one-half-page report on mental disorders, their diagnosis, and treatment. Identify the following elements in your paper:

  • The major categories of mental disorders. ( Hint: Anxiety disorders are one category.)
  • The commonly used methods of diagnosis.
  • The treatment of choice (meaning the favorite current treatment) for this disorder.