Discussion 1

The role of a nurse is truly an amazing journey. A nurse has to be compassionate, caring, empathetic, understanding and most important knowledgeable. Not only does a nurse need to provide all of these aspects, this individual needs to be able to function in different roles of nursing. 

As a community nurse, this individual would need to provide the proper care, understanding and knowledge to the individuals in the community. Community nursing can be a very challenging role as a nurse. You as the community nurse are looked at as the chief to all problems and resolutions. Some of the challenges and gifts that may arise from community nursing would be limited resource and lack of equipments. On the other hand some of the great experiences that may come out of community nursing would be personal time with the patients and family and a flexible schedule. 

Having limited resources as a community nurse can make the compliance portion very difficult. Due to the lack of resources, this makes the community nurse job more challenging. Some of the challenges may come from the third party aspect of this process; you as a community nurse have to take the role of providing resources for the patient and family through connecting with the resources. Depending on your work load can become very challenging. Also you are the advocate for the patient and family. Though it feels like a family at times it’s very important to maintain the professional relationship with the patient and family. If the patient is non-compliant with care the decision to terminate the contract may be a difficult choice but should be done with professionalism. 

One of the great issues that may come with community nursing, because you’re in a home or facility patients, families and the community are more willing to open up to you verses the facility setting which sometimes can make individuals hold back or be a little timid to the healthcare setting. 

Over all community nursing is a broad role that should be taken on by the most compassionate, understanding and patent individuals.

Discussion 2

 A community nurses role in assisting individuals, families, and communities involve being an advocate to ensure that the patients that you are seeing them and will get them the care they need to get better. They not only are there to advocate for the patient, but they are there to provide understanding and knowledge to situations. That includes education of certain treatment, procedures, new medications, etc. As well as the good there are also times where it can be difficult or challenging. Some difficulties that the nurse may have to overcome is lack of education on a situation that led to a patient becoming ill, you also may have some cultural differences that may cause it to be challenging when treating a patient, etc. ultimately nursing comes with many responsibilities but also challenges and rewards.