Discussion 1

In the heatlhcare setting we have to use all different kinds of resourves that helps make it run smoothly. Financial resources help pay for supplies, and employees to care for the patients. Technological resources help the healthcare professional in many ways. They are able to save money with no paper charts and everything being electronic. We are also able to see what has been done in the past and less issues with duplicate therapies are occurring.


 One of the main purposes of the Continuity of Care is to make appropriate use of resources; human, physical, technological and mainly financial. Reading articles about this topic, I am struck by one that mentions the importance of providers providing accurate information to avoid wasting available resources (Price-Olsen, 2018). With the correct information and making use of the Continuity of Care nursing strategy, inappropriate use of resources is reduced by decreasing readmissions, duplicating laboratory tests and using technology, unnecessary follow up visits etc.         Remember that as nurses it is our responsibility to act as patient’s advocate; so, we must worry about patients receiving the best care, making the best use of resources to limit costs and make health services more accessible to the population.The health system in the United States is suffering from many disadvantages and disparities such as: Despite the high health costs, the services received are not the best; on average, 14% of a household’s economic resources are devoted to health care; a good percentage of the population are underinsuranced or uninsuranced (Christ, 2019)        In a health system that has deficiencies, mainly financial, it is very important to make good use of the available resources. The role of the nurses in the proper use of them is important, as patients’ advocates the nurses must watch for the use of the already limited health services avoiding the misuse of them to guarantee access to more people and procure the continuity of care for the patients. If the use of resources is not efficient and effective, the already high costs of medical services increase even more; the already deficient available resources are exhausted for the cases that need them, the unnecessary use of medical consultations prolongs the waiting times to receive a consultation, the unnecessary use or the duplication of laboratory and radiological exams increases the costs and moves away the appointments for the same. By making adequate use of the resources we achieve marked benefits for the covered population.