Here is the list of medication that I have been taking as the patient for a week.

1. Captopril 25mg tabs, take by mouth twice a daily.

2. Senokot 8.6 mg tabs, take by mouth twice a daily.

3. Acetaminophen 500mg caps, take by mouth twice daily.

4. Furosemide 40mg tabs, take by mouth daily.

5. Simvastatin 10mg tabs by mouth twice daily.

So my diagnosis for this medication is Congestion heart failure. Based on these medications that am taking 

I took these meds for one week. The Furosemide1 I had to weight myself daily. Started Sunday my weight was 151. 1 Monday 151.4, Tuesday was 151.3, Wednesday 151.5, Thursday 151.0, Friday 151.1 Saturday 150.3.

The Captopril, I had to take my pulse every time I took this med. If less than 60 cannot take it if above 100 cannot take it. Sunday it was 64, Monday 72, Tuesday 68 Wednesday 66 Thursday 70, Friday 78 Saturday 76. Answer these questions