Please, write a response to the following discussion in one paragraph. APA format needed without cover page, one reference from peer-reviewed Nursing Journal required.

             Minorities such as the Hispanic population are having to deal with chronic conditions without the ability to access healthcare. They lack healthcare access because they are unable to afford a healthcare plan nor are they able to pay for doctor visits. In addition, they are unable to afford their daily medications that are needed to help control their health conditions. Many of the low-income Hispanics on average have an income of less than 25, 000 per year. They are financially unstable and worried about their finances. Because of this low income, they are unable to afford the costs associated with their illnesses leading to a lack of follow-up visits, lack of adherence to the medication regimen and many simply do not see a doctor. For the Hispanic population, diabetes is the most common chronic health condition affecting their family (Saulsberry, Blendon, & Benson, 2016).

            A program that has helped many people in the United States to obtain healthcare coverage is the Affordable Care Act. When ACA was signed into law in 2010, it allowed for the largest number of people to obtain coverage in fifty years (Sommers, Maylone, Blendon, Orav & Epstein, 2017). Because of ACA, there have been increased primary care visits, improved blood pressure control and PAP testing rates. Under the healthcare law, healthcare companies cannot refuse to insure people with pre-existing conditions. People with pre-existing chronic conditions have the most to gain because they are covered and will not be denied care. ACA has provided medical adherence, open communication with healthcare providers and it has improved access to healthcare and services to low income Hispanic communities. I hope that ACA continues to be a law, one providing better healthcare and access to all in the United States.