Theoretical Framework:Overview and guiding propositionsThere are several general nursing structures which are in existence, and one can choose from. On the other hand, the HPM which is popularly known as the Pender’s, health promotion model which offers various applications on this research proposal. It anticipates the difficulties in regards to the support, which is vital to the attainment of health. When HPN is applied to the campaign of the problems faced by nurses, then it will be instrumental for the proposal.Application of Theory to Study FocusThis model comes up with a structure to embrace the problems faced by nurses. HPM has three main components. That is looking at the individual characteristics of nurses, their experiences and their behavior. The challenge faced by nurses can be traced back from when this profession began. They range from issues in the workplace, personal matters.Various theories have been developed. According to Gooch 2015, they try looking at the problems and coming up with solutions on how to deal with the challenges. Nurses do experience low wages and poor conditions of work, which has led to not only the jeopardy of their safety but also that of patients too. This has greatly affected their output as professionals since they have to be extra careful on issue safety.Gooch 2015 argues that these theories are much crucial in that they help in focusing on the challenges that nurse’s face. It is through this that the relevant authorities can have an understanding of the various ways that we can mitigate the challenges faced by nurses. This will create a conducive environment for them, and it will promote safety as well.