Topic: Reduce the proportion of females with human papillomavirus (HPV) infection


Initial Presentation

List the STD standard that you were assigned and give a complete background of your STD including: 

· signs and symptoms 

· treatments per current clinical guidelines 

· follow-up 

· possible psychological issues that may present  

· side effects of medication or the disease itself 

· find and identify your local or state statistics for your assigned STD from the CDC website 

 Summary Criteria (needs to be on a separate page)

· present a STD summary in a logical, meaningful, and understandable sequence  

· create three (3) evidence-based action plans that you can apply in your practice/community that will help to decrease the incidence of the STD you were assigned; you may create all three evidence-based action plans or you may create one on your own and use two of the evidence action plans that were recommended to you by your peers 

· each action plan must include an evidence based in-text citation 

· discuss at least one opposition or barrier they may come across with the proposed action plans 

· include a summary of your peers’ responses to your initial post