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Discussion Grading Criteria: Agreeing and disagreeing do not mean just voicing one’s opinion. The focus of the discussions should remain on the ideas posed in the readings. Agreeing and disagreeing mean making scholarly arguments from the literature that may support your own ideas. Faculty expects you to support your ideas from the readings or similar scholarly writing about the topic in nursing literature. Always cite your source(s) and reference in APA format.

Remember the post and responses should include scholarly writing about the topic in nursing literature.

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Please refer to your APA format in your postings. The journal name and volume is italicized font. Ex.

The American Nursing Journal,7(9),,,,

Please update your APA to reflect doi 

Main POst of my peer:

Ileana Dominguez Baute 

Discussion #4- Challenges of the APRN interview- ileanaDominguez


During a job interview, it is highly suggested to always make eye contact with your potential employer or anyone in the room for that manner. Always be sure to greet with a smile and although you may be nervous, you want to maintain confidence. The best way to maintain confidence is to study your resume so that you are prepared to answer any potential questions in regard to skills and prior experience. Another form of adding to your confidence during an interview would be to research the company prior to your interview date. This will not only give you some insight on the company, but it will allow you to ask questions during your interview and many companies and potential employers love this quality.

What is your biggest Weakness?

I would have to say my biggest weakness might be that at times I may attempt to perform too many tasks at once, which I may be overwhelmed and it stress out myself. However at that time I use my biggest strength that consist in take a moment for deep breath, mentally organize my task list and determinate those with priority.

Describe how you resolved conflict with a co-worker or patient?

Working in a BH unit as a psych nurse I can said that in my job environment the most difficult situation involving a patient is management of an aggressive situation. A patient had become highly aggressive both verbally and physically. At this time, my team and I performed the techniques of de-escalation as per protocol. When this was not successful, I, as the lead nurse had to make the difficult decision to call the psychiatrist and receive an order for physical and chemical restraint for the safety of all, the patient, milieu and staff. The psychiatrist led the order and the patient was placed on a four-point restraint in addition to receiving medication to assist in calming the patient. The goal should be always, controlling the situation with the minimal physical and psychological damage for patients and staff members. Always keeping a professional, calmed, team working and positive attitude.

Tell me about yourself?

I am naturally from Cuba. I am privileged enough to be a mother whilst attaining a professional education and career. In 1997, I had the honor of graduating from General Medicine in Cuba, which would be the equivalence of Family Medicine in the United States. I then came to the U.S. and obtained my Registered Nurse certification by 2007. At this time, I began working in a home health setting. This basically involved, but was not limited to: wound care, diabetic management, colostomy management and performing intravenous antibiotics. In 2011, I then began a career at an inpatient psychiatric hospital setting. In 2017 I began my FNP course which I about to finish in this university. Working in the BH environment is what has motivated me to attain a future Post Master in Psychiatry.

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