In this assignment I need a peer response for the main discussion, that show below.

The peer’s responses

Discussion Grading Criteria: Agreeing and disagreeing do not mean just voicing one’s opinion. The focus of the discussions should remain on the ideas posed in the readings. Agreeing and disagreeing mean making scholarly arguments from the literature that may support your own ideas. Faculty expects you to support your ideas from the readings or similar scholarly writing about the topic in nursing literature. Always cite your source(s) and reference in APA format.

Remember the post and responses should include scholarly writing about the topic in nursing literature.

Note por the professor:

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Please refer to your APA format in your postings. The journal name and volume is italicized font. Ex.

The American Nursing Journal,7(9),,,,

Please update your APA to reflect doi 

Discussion 4: William Rodriguez

What is your biggest Weakness?

One of my greatest weaknesses is getting upset when I realize people are not working as they are required. In the end, they end up delaying the work progress for the entire team and this I just feel is unacceptable. I tend not to get along with such workmates and thus I will just keep pushing them to work and perform their duties. Having worked as a general manager has helped me learn how to deal with such cases and help people get to put their best in their duty and also work as a team.

Describe how you resolved conflict with a co-worker or patient?

I was requested by my boss to provide an integration plan and this was to be done by cooperating with other departments in the health facility. The plan was to take two weeks but after talking to the partners, I realized it would take more than that. I told the boss about it and agreed I present the plan as soon as possible. Two weeks later, he called me and requested to have the plan as he had to show it during a meeting with the board. I reminded him of the extension to which he burst out saying I was an underachiever. I was angry at that moment by the harsh response but I maintained my cool. I engaged him on the progress and he remained cool and I promised to finalize on the plan and he would have it before the meeting commenced. He apologized for the outburst. I worked on the plan and delivered as promised and that was the point of change that led to me being given more responsibilities at the facility.

Tell me about yourself?

I am a licensed Nurse in the State of Florida for the last 8 years and also in an optician’s office for the last 20 years. I have a lot of nursing experiences and have a variety of skills that helps provide patient care and maintain patient safety. I am also loyal and a collaborative team player.