Topic Mental Health.

Answer the Question(s):

What is likely to be different in the appearance of depression in a person who is 70 years old compared to its appearance in a person who is 20 years old? (mention at least 4).

• Fully explained your answers in a professional way.

• Please, do not mention the signs and symptoms of depression.

• You need to mention the characteristics / symptoms that are common on a depressed 70 years old person than are different in a 20 years old depressed individual (do a comparison between the depressed 70 years old with the depressed 20 years old) (mention at least 4)


· APA Format. New time Roman 12 font.

· The answer should be based on the knowledge obtained from reading the book, no just your opinion.

· I am expecting minimum of 500 words.

· You must answer the question completely, in a professional and well written presentation.

· I am expecting to answer the question and justified it based on peer review literature or information from the book.

· The chapter of the Book was attached and online literature with references included.

· APA style will be strictly enforced.

References Guidelines :

1. Book: Ebersole and Hess’ Gerontological Nursing and Healthy Aging 5th

Author: Theris A. Touhy; Kathleen F. Jett

Edition: 5th, Fifth, 5e Year: 2017

2. If other Reference are used in addition to the book must have:

• Serial/journal articles

• Volume number, in italics.

• Issue number. This is bracketed immediately after the volume number but not italicized.

• Month, season or other designation of publication if there is no volume or issue number.

• Include all page numbers. Ex: 7(1),24 Sergiev, P. V., Dontsova, O. A., & Berezkin, G. V. (2015). References