Stakeholders on Environmental Management Issue

Develop and implement management plans that incorporate scientific principles and that comply with environmental laws and ethical principles in a team environmentdemonstrate quantitative reasoning and analysis of information obtained through literature review, sampling, field investigation, and monitoringapply scientific knowledge and principles, quantitative methods, technology tools, […]

Parameters that are on the NAAQS

Write an essay consisting of at least 550 words addressing all of the following topics (a through d): a. Taking into account air quality legislation prior to 1970, why is the 1970 Clean Air Act considered the beginning of the modern era in clean air […]

Compliance Manager for a multinational corporation named ABC

Imagine that you have been hired as an Environmental Compliance Manager for a multinational corporation named ABC, Inc. The corporation that you work for is a manufacturer of pesticide, agriculture fertilizer, and herbicide. Prepare an eight- to ten-page Final Project (excluding the title and reference […]

International Management, Terrorism, and the Future

Analyze, discuss, and apply the following: The difference in the way disasters impact developing countries from developed countriesThe disaster response structure of the United NationsNon-governmental and international organizations that provide disaster responseInternational financial institutions role in disaster response?The terrorist attacks risk transformed emergency management?What is […]

Energy in the natural environment

Based on what you have learned so far from this class, discuss the following:  Explain where the drinking water from South Florida primarily comes from and why would rising sea levels disrupt this supply?What efforts can be made and are being made to mitigate the […]


Response What is   conservation biology? What is biodiversity?  What is a species?  What is   the difference between a threatened species, an endangered species, and an   extinct species?  Provide at least one example   each of a threatened, endangered, and extinct species, and explain why these   species meet […]

Ecosystem devastation, pollution or health problem

Ecosystem devastation, pollution or health problem, climate change concern, or something similar) that has affected you and/or your hometown in some way. Think specifically about something that has happened, or is happening now, in or near where you live or grew up. You will then […]

Culture of Sustainability

Consider your place of employment or a place where you would like to be employed. Summarize the company’s culture as it relates to sustainability and commitment to “being green.” Specifically, outline the steps that could be taken to build an “eco-advantage” culture that would exceed […]

Architecture, Building and Planning

Design and evaluate two daylighting alternatives, one static and one dynamic, for a multipurpose residential space in the location/climate of your choice. The steps are to develop the design alternatives, perform an annual daylight illuminance analysis, evaluate view quality, and present your work in a […]