Autoethnography Paper

Topic A: Describe your identity and how you define yourself in relation to your culture.

When we are young, we wouldn’t think much about our own identity. We wouldn’t question ourselves who we are and what we will be. We apprehend and learn through our environment. We learn from what our friends and our family told us. In the school, we learn what’s surrounding us. All of those experience through life shape who we are. Then we start to question ourselves so what’s our identity. Our identity is unrepeatable with our culture and our experience, which is defined both by demographics and own free.

Original Culture is important to define our identity. As we grow up, we learn everything by our surrounding. As a result, our identity is shaped with our culture. We could see there are a lot of similarities among the same group by the demographics. For instance, all of Chinese will follow the word “xiao”, which means respecting the elders. According to the ariticle, the author said “understanding that we all have scripts — to which we may or may not adhere but which are ours nonetheless — might at least help us begin to see ourselves as the actors that we are, and to speak to other actors in a new way.” As we told by the authors, we are like actors because we are influenced by the culture background. We have the scripts which are all of the social rules that we all need to follow.

Because of the culture different from each others, the identity is already different between each group. Within each groups, there still exist different. For instance, take people from each country as a group, then each of them will have many similarities. However, as we zoom in to each province, there will exist many differences. As the book said “We are aware that we have trouble talking across these divides. We are aware that there seems to be no convincing some people of their essential wrongness and our essential rightness. We are aware that some part of the problem isunrelated to our objective interests — that some part of the problem is a matter of how we just think things should be. We are aware that some of us do not see the same things at all. We are aware that we can bug others as much as they bug us.” A Culture difference is what first define one’s identity. There are many differences due to cultural difference. For America, there are many political groups. For the whole country, there are many common identity like freedom, and passion, but within each political groups, there are many conflicts. People within different political groups would have different ideas. People who support the republicans are definitely different from the people who support the conservatives.

Under the culture background, each person has their unique identity due to their free idea.

Even within the same group, everyone is different because everybody wouldn’t think exactly the same. For the author who write “cut a piece from the Fabric”, she writes that “The hijab is a part of me, an expression of who I am and who I aspire to be, and hopefully my daughter will see that as she makes her own decision one day.” She wears hijab is not because the culture asked her to. She has right not to wear it but it’s after her deep thought that she would follow the rule. It’s people’s own decision to follow certain cultural requirement. The decision we make define us.

For me, I grew up in China, but I also studies in America for years. The culture is so different that I always faced conflicts.

Our identity is definitely not independent from the culture. Where we grew and study shape our base. However, the culture is not all that define us. Our own decision is what make each of us unique. In conclusion, our identity is what we experience, what we learned and what we think.