Assignment:  Business frameworks in practice Due Date: Week 11 November 18 th, 2020Weighting ( 10 % of final grade):

 Milestone Puzzle: Business frameworks in practice

Business framework are helpful tools to better navigate the business environment of  organizations.

In practice Knowing the different frameworks is not sufficient. Thus during this course we will try to understand the connections between those frameworks and how they influence the business performance and sustainability.

This requires a deep dive into  the stakeholders  needs and expectations, a great understanding  of the different business environment dimensions a while keeping in mind the he organization mission, values and resources.


For this assignment you will pick 2 different frameworks and try to connect them with each other to help analyze and navigate the business environment of the organization you selected for you the mini challenge.

Deliverable and  submission guidance:

Each student needs to submit  a document  based on the two business frameworks including the following:

  1. A descriptive part for each framework  ( including an adapted visual + short description )
  2. A short  paragraph  to describe  the connection  between both frameworks 
  3. A timeline  representing the frameworks as  milestones in the life cycle of the organization  or in the process of its he business environment analysis .
  4. A short paragraph to explain the value of the used  frameworks to navigate the business environment of the assigned organization and how it helps your prepare for your mini challenge 

List of the Milestones  will be communicated to you under modules.

References: Please make sure to include references for any intellectual propriety on an APA style 

  • Submitting a website url, a media recording, or a file upload