Respond to the following in 500 to 600 words:

Assigned Topic: Describe at least three teaching strategies for Spina Bifida that stand out to you from reviewing the Physical Disability site (link is below)

You will participate in sharing information regarding the topic for the discussion. 

 In order to receive full credit, your post should include:                                                      

(a) a 500-600 word summary of at least three most salient points you learned from reading on the assigned topic; 

(b) information from at least one peer reviewed journal article on the subject with APA reference 

(c) explanation of how what you have learned about the topic will be of benefit to you in your current and/or future professional work; include your reaction to the information learned 

(d) your writing must be error free and in APA style 

Please note that discussions in this class are scholarly conversations that include statements with support ing evidence, such as references and citations. Be cautious of using personal experiences as they often constitute testimonials which can be biased and not as effective as research-based evidence. 

Be sure to support your postings and responses with specific references from your readings and other relevant scholarly literature. Citations and references must be in APA format. See the grading rubric for more information.