The Assignment:

Comment on similarities and/or differences between a stochastic population regression function (PRF) and a stochastic sample regression function (SRF).

Respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings.

Tips & Hints:

You receive credit for answering the assignment.  You will not get credit for repeating definitions.

It is obvious from the terminology that the key difference in the terms being discussed is that one is regarding the population and the other is regarding the sample.  It is upon the similarities and differences of these regression functions that your post wants to focus.  You don’t want to focus on the letters or symbols involved or the error terms.  Saying that one is of the population but the other is of the sample is merely a start but not sufficiently insightful or detailed.   You are not asked to define these terms or repeat definitions from the text; you are asked to explain how these are, in significant ways, different and how they are similar.

You want to look more deeply at the similarities and differences because one of these is the function that is “really” out there and one of these is the function that you will be capable of measuring.  These are important to understand and there are  numerous important and practical distinctions that are the consequences of the regression being run upon a sample or upon the population.

In the case of Discussion 1, you need to:
1)  Comment on similarities between a stochastic population regression function and a stochastic sample regression function.
2)  Comment on differences between a stochastic population regression function and a stochastic sample regression function.
3)  Respond to at least two of your classmates.