Assignment   Business mini challenge Due Date: Week 15  December 18 th  , 2020Weighting ( 30 % of final grade): 

Assignment type: Mini challenge / Team work  

The Mini challenge is scheduled for  in class and/or live presentation  December 16 th, 2020, (TBC)

Context of the mini challenge:

At Hult we believe in innovative pedagogy,  We try to deliver the most relevant business education. Thus, we focus on experimental learning.

This experience is valuable and represents an opportunity for the students to present their work to business experts and get a sense of the real business world.

The students benefit from experts’ feedbacks. It’s  also an opportunity to network with practitioners and business experts.


During this course, as a  students you will explore and navigate the different dimensions of a business environment and how it could impact business performance and sustainability.

For the mini challenge you will be  assigned a random team from the class to enhance cross cultural collaboration.

You will have the opportunity as a team to select an organization and analyze its business environment as instructed in the  mini challenge questions.

You should work on this project  from week 1 to week 14 weeks and follow the different   milestones (TBC ) for the duration of the course and receive feedback from the professor and from  experts to help you perform better  during the mini challenge  final presentation.  

The students Role 

The students play the role of  consultants and have to answer to the following questions:

The challenge questions

1.Navigate the business environment of the selected business  by evaluating which dimension(s) of the business environment internal and/or external: MICRO/MACRO (political, legal, social, economic, technological, environmental )  contributed to the success or failure of the company you selected Please provide examples to support your evaluation.2.Based on the evaluation made in question one, present one challenge and explain how they solved or not and what were the impacts on the Business. 3.Propose a solution to the business and highlight the importance of navigating the business environment for the organization. Deliverables 

  • an executive summary one page
  • a recorded ppt or equivalent 
  • 10 minutes  oral presentation per team (Play role, PPT,  videos or  talks … )
  • 5 to 10  minutes Q/A from our business experts 


  • Please make sure  to include   all the references you  used  on an  APA style ( Refer to APA style presentation under modules ).
  • If you are submitting a ppt or equivalent reserve the last slide for the references.
  • If you are submitting a video ( you could include them to the video if  the technology allows or submit an additional  one page document or slide ).

Please note  you have to  include all deliverables under one submissionGrading rubrics 


Scoring Criteria




·      Addressed correctly the challenge questions

·      Clarity of content, quality of content (background, methodology, findings, etc.);

·      Complexity of project and significance of project (to field of study, community, etc.)



·      Smooth transitions between topics.

·      Logical flow of sections/ideas

·      Clear thesis and supporting data Informative and clear project.



·      Professional and confident.

·      Appropriate use of media

·      Engaged with audience

·      Clear voice with good pace

·      Command of language/avoiding jargon



Original and innovative way to address the challenge and provide the solution.



Response to questions.


Link to the class

Use of theories and concepts studied in class

Understanding of the main objectives of the course + use of key concepts , theory and frameworks



Total Points


Each  business expert and professor who are part of the judges panel will receive a  hard copy of the rubrics and the assignment as described.

Your final grade is the average of all the experts and professors grades of your work. 

Please note that the grades are individually assigned as they also reflect  your performance in the presentation day