Please answer the following 5 questions (6 marks each) in by writing the answers.

1. What impact will automation have on work?

2. What are possible scenarios for employment growth?

3. Will there be enough work in the future?

4. What will automation mean for skills and wages?

5. How do we manage the upcoming workforce transitions?

Your Write-up should be clear, concise, neatly presented, and easy to read. Your writing is expected to be a creative piece of work written by you and not submitted for assessment purposes for any program of study at this, or any other, institution.

You can use multiple resources to answer these questions


1. The questions are to be answered by using proper references.

Guidelines for Written Assignment:

Following guidelines are for all the written assignments and project report.


The Harvard Referencing style must be used to support all sources of information used in writing your

assignments. A reference list (in Harvard Referencing format) must be provided at the end of the


The assignments must be typed on white A4 paper with 1.0 spacing, and a 1” margin at the top, bottom, left and right of the page. A font size of 14 point for main headings, 13 for sub-headings and 12 for the text is the required. Times New Roman font is preferred.