Apple vs. FBI

Your group is to read the case and answer the following questions.

1. What prompted the confrontation between Apple and the FBI?

2. What is the legal process for the U.S. Government to access user data as part of criminal investigations?

3. At the time of the case, how did Apple secure data on iPhone?

4. Explain why Apple denied the FBI access to the phones data and whether Apple had a right to do so.

5. How did the FBI finally get the data from the iPhone? (may need to research other than the case)

Structure of the paper:

1. Title page

a. List the group number

b. List group members

c. Date

2. Abstract (no more than 1 page)

3. Introduction

4. Answer the questions from above

5. References

Format of the paper:

· Font – Calibri (11 Point)

· 1.5 line spacing

· 1-inch margins

· References APA style

· When writing the paper each student should label the part they contributed to the assignment. Example:

· Introduction (Steven Tharp)

· Minimum of 5 references