Unfortunately in its present form the assignment is not of the standard required to fulfil the assessment criteria. Please read the feedback below carefully as well as the comments in the assignment; these should help with working on the resubmission of your assignment.

There are multiple errors of grammar and clarity of written expression. Consider getting help through the University English Scheme and also putting your work through Studiosity.

There is lack of clarity in terms of which paradigm is being adopted to the study of the chosen topic – you seem to be leaning towards an interpretivist paradigm, however you need to be more specific which interpretivist paradigm? Revisit the paradigm lecture slides.

There are issues with the organisation of the material – on page 6 you have started to discuss methods of data collection – observation, survey, group ‘discussion’ (I suspect you mean focus group interviews). Before outlining data collection methods you needed to clearly set out your paradigm and methodology. Only once you have set out these elements does the discussion of methods become meaningful.

Substantial issues wit the organisation of material – you have discussed your chosen paradigm ( constructivism), and you have followed this with a discussion of different types of paradigms, as well as discussing more general assumptions around ontology and epistemology. Refer to the lecture slides for an example of a general order in which a these different aspects are discussed.

There is an attempt to discuss constructivism as the chosen philosophical paradigm, however none of the discussion demonstrates an understanding of the underlying principles of constructivism – please revisit chapters and material discussed in the taught sessions which outlines constructivism as an interpretivist paradigm. Provide a more coherent account of constructivism in your assignment.

In general, you seem to be unclear how different paradigms align with specific methodologies, and specific methods of data collection. A positivist paradigm cannot be adopted if your overall approach is constructivist and interpretivist. Revisiting some of these terms to gain further clarity would be helpful. Ensure to present a logical alignment between paradigm, methodology and methods.

There is confusion in your writing between the terms methods and methodologies – a methodology is a research strategy; a method is the means of collecting data within the proposed research strategy.

In your attempt to discuss methodology you seem to have listed all of the well known methodological approaches, including an overview of their characteristics. Instead, for the purposes of the assignment, you needed to select the methodology which most fully responds to the aims of the research topic proposed. You needed to then focus on justifying your choice, with reference to the research literature.

Ethics – Unfortunately it is difficult to judge what the relevant ethical considerations are going to be as it is unclear what paradigm or methodology the research adopts. However in general you have used some of the relevant terminology, but this needs back up from the ethical research literature.