Write a short fictional story utilizing the Fairytale genre. To name a few possibilities, you could come up with your own origin/creation story, myth, proverb, or horrific fairytale. You must include a 300-word introduction explaining the genre. You need to write what conventions of the genre you are pulling from and using. In doing this, you will provide specific examples from your own story and information from the lecture that went with the genre you choose. This intro should be on a separate page from the short story. 

Format: at least 3 pages (single-spaced), Times New Roman, 12 point font, one-inch margins all the way around. *The intro is not included in this length requirement

Please Note: The short story needs to be a piece of fiction. You can incorporate details from your life, but the story needs to be fictional.

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I have attached two example stories and the lecture note.