Ethics Assignment

Instructions: Reflect on your own experience(s) in nursing by answering the following questions. You may use the table below to answer each question or you may choose to submit a single narrative addressing all four categories below. You may present a hypothetical case if you do not have a personal example.

CriterionYour ResponsesPoints
Describe a time in your clinical practice/nursing experience when you faced or observed a colleague face an ethical dilemma.What happened?Who was involved?Why did you feel this was a dilemma? (hint choice between two undesirable outcomes)2
What ethical principle (s) in the Belmont report relate to the ethical dilemma you describe above? E.g., How does the situation you describe relate to the principle (s)?2
What could be done in the situation you described to preserve the patient/family/population/community rights? (hint what model or example of ethical decision making applies in this situation?)2
How could you as the RN advocate for the best interest of anyone involved in the situation you describe?  What would you do in the future if faced with a similar situation? (hint what nursing professional code of ethics apply to the situation)2
What is Informed Consent and Institutional Review Board (IRB)? Why are they important in nursing research?2
Total Points10