primary sources are the best way for historians to gain insight into people and events in the past. While historical actors may no longer be here to speak with us about what took place in the past, their voices and accounts are preserved in documents, images, and recordings from the time in which they lived. In this assignment, you will perform an in-depth analysis of a primary source.

  1. Select a document from a primary source database. is a good place to start your search.
  2. Download and review the appropriate analysis worksheet for the type of source you selected. 
  1. Since the worksheet is not fillable, create a new document and respond to each of the questions on the worksheet. Your document does not need to follow the exact same format as the worksheet, but it must be clear that you considered all of the elements your worksheet asked that you consider.
  2. Within the body of your assignment, provide a clickable link to your chosen document. Your instructor must be able to view your chosen document.
  3. Submit your completed analysis to this Assignment by the date indicated on the course syllabus.