Your Final Project asks you to conduct your own research into the history of a country. You will have to make connections between the events that you find in your research and the historical eras and themes we have covered in this class all term. It’s a challenging project! For this milestone, you will dig into your sources and do much of the preliminary work that will be used to create your final project presentation.

Here is a list of countries you may choose to research for this project. You must select a country from this list. (Reach out to the instructor for approval for other possibilities). 

Directions:  This is a preparation for your Final Course Project!

1.  Think about this before you answer it.  Use this assignment to construct a detailed outline of your final course project!

2.  Pick out ONE Country

3.  Pick out ONE TIME Period (do not try to cover prehistoric times to the present).

4.  Pick out ONE Theme or interrelated Themes

5.  Pick out something that interests YOU.  

Afghanistan, Algeria, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Cuba, England, France, Germany, Guatemala, Haiti (aka Saint Domingue prior to 1791), India, Israel (1947-present), Japan, Mexico, Nigeria, North Korea (1945-present), Poland, Puerto Rico, Russia (1700-1917), Russia (post-1917), South Africa, Spain, Venezuela, Vietnam (aka “French Indochina”, 1887-1949)

You will complete a comprehensive, multi-part worksheet using your Final Project sources. The completed worksheet will be submitted here.

Due Date:  Midnight Sunday (2/14/21)