After  reading the websites cited in the Overview and your peer’s Discussion  posts develop a one-page Physical Activity Resource  Brochure/infographic. Imagine that your peers all live in the same  general location. Research one fun and unusual but accessible activity that will meet the physical activity goals of you and your peers.

Remember  to search for activities on Living Social, Groupon, Department of  Recreation and Parks brochures, club and meetings sections of the  newspaper, bulletin boards in your favorite neighborhood coffee shop or  grocery store, etc. Develop a one-page infographic as the brochure which  offers information on:

  • a description of the activity 
  • cost 
  • when and where 
  • website or copy of the listing location 

The  activity should be described as above noted with the addition of photos  or graphics to enhance the brochure. Pictures and graphics are  required. 

You  may submit your brochure/infographic in PowerPoint, PDF, Word or  Microsoft Publisher format. View websites on how to create an 8 X 11.5  color infographic (one-page Word or pdf. document), but do not purchase  formatting options. 

Assignment Expectations:

Length: One-page

Structure: One-page colored infographic/brochure

References:  Use appropriate APA style in-text citations and references for all  resources utilized to answer the questions.  A minimum of two (2)  scholarly sources are required for this assignment. Citations on  infographic where used, references at the bottom of infographic. 

Rubric:  This assignment uses a rubric for scoring. Please review it as part of  your assignment preparation and again prior to submission to ensure you  have addressed its criteria at the highest level.

Format: Save your assignment as a Microsoft Word document (.doc or .docx) or a PDF document (.pdf)

File name:  Name your saved file according to your first initial, last name, and  the assignment number (for example RHall Assignment 1.docx)