Qualitative Research Article Critique

CriteriaYour EvaluationPoints Possible
Article Citation in APA FormatAuthor(s), date, title, publisher, volume number, issue number, pages, mayinclude retrieved from and hyperlink or DOI  1
AbstractWhat are the key terms in the abstract?Are the key terms similar to your own search terms?Is the journal peer reviewed and how do you know?(hint see journal main web page.  May have to click on information for authors, or editorial review tab)   1
IntroductionDoes the introduction provide a background of a phenomena?Does the introduction include the problem statement?Does the introduction include a theoretical framework?Is the literature reviewed?What are the concepts/phenomena the study will investigate?What is the research question (s) or inquiry     1
MethodWhat is the Qualitative study method? E.g. Phenomenology, ethnography etc.Are legal/ethical implications addressed (ALL have legal/ethical implications. Consider principles in the Belmont report and address 2 or more principles)What is the sample?What are the characteristics of the sample?Does the article indicate who was excluded from the study?What type of instruments were used?Was saturation reached?How did the researchers plan to analyze the data?(Did they code, use member checking, or thematic analysis?)   3
ResultsWhat were the findings?Summarize major themes in your own words.  1
Discussion/RecommendationsWas the research question answered?What insights were uncovered by the research? What are the future implications?  1
SummaryWhat is your overall impression? Was this a valid and useful study? (Authenticity, Credibility, Dependability, Confirmability etc.) Is the research applicable in the real world? Are the findings applicable/to other populations?   2