You are expected to identify 1 subculture that you belong to, to research it and then to create a 3-minute YouTube video about it. In the video, you should explain the following:

  1. Briefly describe the history, relevance, trends, size, and importance vis-à-vis customer behavior and culture.
  2. Explain why you think this particular subset of people can be treated as subculture.
  3. Describe how have companies or industries tried to market to these segments? What is the effect on an industry or company trying to market and sell to that subculture? How have the companies tried to influence the subculture?
  4. What observations can you make about how specific companies have been successful (or not successful) in marketing/selling to these subcultures? And why? Draw some conclusions and form recommendations.
  5. What are your personal experiences?

Be specific in your analysis and recommendations. Provide actual examples of business practices. Analyze cultural standpoints. It is important that you do some reading and research when deciding on a particular subculture, however, remember to share your personal point of view/impressions/reflections/experiences.

[If you do not feel comfortable describing a subculture you belong to, focus on a subculture that you can identify in your home country, but first please consult this with the professor. ]

The video should be brief: preferably 3 minutes, no shorter than 2,5 minutes and no longer than 3 minutes.

The video should be informative and interesting. It also should be easy enough to understand by anyone who watches it who has not taken the class. This means to include an introduction, the content, and a conclusion. Avoid being so technical that people can’t understand you.  

The video should be creative also in terms of execution. You can simply video yourself talking on screen, but this is basic execution – try to enhance your presentation with powerpoint slides, animations, pictures and/or any media that will illustrate your points, and to stand out.

You must upload the video to YouTube so that you post a YouTube link here (your submission is a link, NOT a file). You must ensure that the YouTube link is accessible for the instructor (not locked, password-protected, restricted or listed as private). Before uploading the video, double check if you can easily understand the content.

I am posting this assignment in Discussions section, so that your colleagues can access your video, view it and post some feedback. I wish we voted for few best videos so that we can view and discuss them in class too. 

Suggestions for making a good video:

The video has to be interesting! Good enough to present it on your personal IG/FB/LN profiles. The picture needs to be sharp and clear and the sound has to be good enough to hear every word you said. NO noises in the background like thunders, dogs barking, mouse clicking, mic touching, sheets changing etc. If you are “starring” in the video, no reading please. You shall be telling a great story and I shall see your engagement here. PLUS Watch the video before uploading it and remember that you can record it as many times as you need. You do not have one shot only. What is more you can edit the video, cut it, divide it, it is not live, so use the advantage of it. Please use official English only.