I just got your email and read through the midterm. I made a mistake when transferring answers from the doc I created when I did the midterm. Since English is not my first language I used to open docs to do discussions and for short answers tests. It is an easier way to correct all the grammar mistakes and spelling using Grammarly through docs. Also, sometimes the canvas will quit by internet problems and the answers will all gone when I did discussions so I do have this habit to secure the answers I typed. Sorry that I was so too rush to transferring the answer and made the big mistake here, since the time is kind of short for me to finish the test as you can see I used almost the last mins to finish the test. 

I remember I answered your question when we talk about the content of question 20 with the reading about the theater of Oklahama in Zoom meeting, and I stated that I would read the novel’s ending as a dystopian, as same as I answered the discussion post “Amerika(Oklahama)”. 

If that is possible to get points/partial points again for this question 20, please read the answer I did for the midterm below: