Chapter Readings:

Chapter 2 (Sylves)

Chapters 2 & 3 (Haddow)

Discussion Question #1 Using the Public Management Models outlined in chapter two (Sylves) discuss the pros and cons of each model in today’s milieu.

Discussion Question #2 What sources of technology are used in your organization (The organization is Army Corps of Engineers)to assist with enhancing situational awareness and fostering precise decision making? 

Discussion Question #3 Differentiate between tacit knowledge and codified knowledge.  Give examples of tacit and codified knowledge that you employ in your organization (The organization is Army Corps of Engineers).

Discussion Question #4 Differentiate between the behavior patterns of ordinary criminals versus terrorist criminals.  List strategies for effectively curtailing unwanted behavior(s) among the two groups.

Note: You can do this double space, half page for each questions, 3 in-text citations for each and use reference for each.  Use the rubric to maximize my points. Also for question 1, make sure your response comes from the reading of the book and then use other resources to answer it if need to.