For School and Workplace: Appropriate Writing Tools Microsoft Word has several built-in tools to help writers eliminate errors. For this discussion, perform a search for similar tools that are on the web (or downloadable) and could therefore be useful no matter which word processing program […]


Strategies in Using Source Material  Outcomes addressed in this activity:  Unit Outcomes:  Apply introductory skills with the online library. Prepare correctly-written quotes, paraphrases, and summaries with an understanding of plagiarism avoidance. Prepare APA-standard in-text citation and reference entries for professional journal articles and web sources. […]

Forensic Psychology, Policing, And The Macro Community

To prepare for this assignment: Review the document, “Not in My Neighborhood: An Essay on Policing Place,” and think about the value of forensic psychology professionals in assisting police professional interactions with macro communities. Review the article, “Prisoner Reentry and Community Policing: Strategies for Enhancing […]

Discussion 4

Please view the instruction file. Make sure the answer sounds like an actual discussion. Make sure to follow the word count minimum of 180 words. Only use the eBook chapters 10. No outside sources.  Textbook: Robbins, S. P. & Judge, T. A. (2019). Organizational behavior (18th ed.). […]

Problem-Focused And Emotion-Focused Coping

The Assignment (3–5 page APA-formatted essay) Describe one example each for effective problem-focused, emotion-focused, and biology-focused coping mechanisms and explain why each is effective.  Describe one example each for ineffective problem-focused, emotion-focused, and biology-focused coping mechanisms and explain why each is ineffective.  Explain two approaches […]


In continuing the discussion with your classmates, evaluate the policy documents posted by your classmates, identify opportunities for improvement, and recommend revisions or modifications. In your evaluation, you may consider addressing the clarity of communications given the relevant stakeholders, the extent to which due process […]

Part 1

Part 1- You have been selected by your boss to present to a group of up-and-coming leaders on the topic of leading a productive team. Your boss has asked you to create a PowerPoint presentation for these new leaders in order to help them gather […]

Managing Information

(Need in a few hours 100% Plagiarism free in essay format) In this assignment, you’ll be developing the third section of the Camp Bow Wow Dog Park Summary Report that is based around the concept of the strategic importance of information. Businesses operate in an area where […]

Wk 4 – Operations Consulting

Purpose of Assignment  The purpose of this assignment is for students to learn how to develop an operations consulting proposal.  Resources  Operations and Supply Chain Management, Ch. 25; Microsoft®PowerPoint® Assignment Steps  Choose a business in the media having difficulties with its operating model or one which is […]

Marketing 3

Research a local health care facility or organization that has chosen a niche market to target, and address the following:  Introduce the organization, and identify the overall population it serves.  Define a niche market and what makes it so. What is the niche market for […]