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On a second thought, let’s communicate via email as we both need a record of what needs to be done (by you) and by when, to fulfill your course requirements. So, here is the description of your assignment, as listed in the course syllabus:

One of the commonly used tools in brand managers’ ‘toolbox’ is customer baseline analysis, which entails descriptive profiling of a brand’s customer base, focused on painting a picture of a typical, as well as high value customers. The purpose of this assignment is to offer you the opportunity to further your analytical skills by developing detailed profiles of average and high value customers, using the CustomerData dataset. You need to consider all variables, but ultimately select those that contribute to maximally descriptive, multi-attribute profiles. As discussed, demonstrated and practiced in multiple weekly classes, you need to conduct basic data exploration which means computing averages for continuous variables, and frequency counts for categorical ones (as demonstrated in class), then produce appropriate graphs (such as histograms or pie charts demonstrated in class) and tables (those are used for continuous variables, again as shown in class), and lastly describe the resultant patterns (e.g., the typical customer is X years of age, has Y level of income, etc.). We practiced all that in class over several consecutive weeks, so it all should be very familiar to you.

Given the above, in this project your task is to:

·       Using the CustomerData data file, you are to conduct exhaustive descriptive customer analysis.

·       Using the results of your analysis (#1 above), construct descriptive profiles of average and high value customers (that means two separate profiles); make sure to clearly define ‘average’ and ‘high value’ customers, and provide the necessary justification.

·       Detail your analytical process and methodology, including

o   Listing of all variables that you analyzed,

o   Details of all analysis, including the method you used and the outcomes that were produced

o   Describe your process and your logic that you used to construct the aforementioned (#2 above) segments, including the basis you used for selecting some variables and not others.

Content-wise, your report needs to include the following elements:

1.       Executive Summary: 1-2 page summary focused on the two customer profiles.

2.       Profile definition logic: Description of the rationale you used to identify ‘average’ and ‘high value’ customers.

3.       Detailed findings: Result and description of all analyses.

4.       Appendix: Any additional details such as tables, charts or figures that you found worthwhile but did not include in other sections.

Format-wise, your report needs to be structured as follows:

·       Length: No more than 10 single-spaced pages (excluding the title page and any appendices)

·       Use Times New Roman, 12-pt font throughout.

·       Use clear headings, as appropriate.

·       Format: MS Word.

You have until 11:59 pm on January 18, 2020 to submit your report. If