HOSP 1015: Managing the Guest Experience

Servicescape Observation Assignment

The hospitality industry is designed to deliver intangible experiences, and to do so in a way that satisfies guests. Guest satisfaction is largely based on what is known as the Service-Expectation Gap. The larger the gap between what a guest expects and what they actually experience, the lower the satisfaction with the experience. So in order to attempt to maximize the guest satisfaction, businesses work hard to manage the tangible elements of the place where the service occurs (the servicescape) in order to help guests understand what type of experience they may expect. By managing the expectations, higher levels of guest satisfaction are easier to achieve.

For this exercise, you need to visit two separate businesses. They may be any type of either hospitality (hotel, restaurant, event venue) or retail business. If possible, you should visit a business in which you would expect a high level of service, and one in which you would expect a low level of service. Your assignment is to carefully observe the way the business is attempting to manage the tangible elements of the servicescape.

Servicescape Observation Exercise

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Business 1Enter Name:Business 2Enter Name:
When you entered the business, were you drawn to move to the right, to the left, or to the rear of the space, and why?
Was the general lighting level bright or dim? Why might this be?
Was there lighting directed at specific displays? Why might this be?
Was there a specific scent you noticed? Describe the scent.
Was there any background sound (music). If so, was it a quick tempo or a slow tempo? Why might this be?
Was the general noise level high or low? Why might this be?
Was there a line or a queue (either to purchase or pay or both).
If there was a queue, was it easy to determine where you needed to go?
Was the queue “fair”? In other words, were you served in the order you were in the queue?
Overall, did the tangible elements of the business inform you that this to be a “quick” or a “relaxed” experience?