Should you work with the analyst in the sales office to improve the sales compensation program or simply take all of the work under the HR office’s control to improve the program, and why?

For any company to prosper and excel in their field, department leaders should be willing and able to consult with each other and evaluate programs to better suit the organization. (SHRM, 2017) It is unfortunate that the sales analyst had avoided a discussion on the matter until an outside source was presented and informed the HR Director of the rules. Being that now I have gained the knowledge on what regulations are in place, I will communicate with the sales department of what is needed to make the compensation program more efficient and fair for our employees. Upon developing a basic outline of what the sales department needs, I will suggest to have the whole compensation program moved under the HR office’s control. A sales representative will be appointed to participate in any sales department related meetings to ensure their team’s wellness is our priority. 

Would you recommend consolidating all the compensation functions under one operational area of the organization? Why or why not?

Yes I do recommend to consolidate all the compensation functions under one area with trained specialists who handle different aspects of compensation. Such branches would include commission based, raises, bonses, exempt/non exempt employees, salary/hourly based staff, etc. (Dessler, 2017) This would be the best solution because we will have everything under one umbrella which facilitates issues that may arise and we can handle interdepartmentally. 

What alternative approaches might you consider to address your organization’s sales force compensation challenge?

An alternative I might consider is bringing an outside resource such as the friend who works at the World of Work Association and manages our certifications to teach us some background knowledge in sales force compensation programs that are already established and we can review. We should also establish a monthly meeting with each department leader to review unsatisfactory complaints from current employees and discuss ways we can increase engagement. With a combination of external resources, internal evaluations and discussions, and input from current employee’s, we are bound to create programs that will align our employees personal career goals with the organizational expectations.