READ CAREFULLY: Chapters you may use but not required to utilize all chapters – Sandstrom et al. Ch.1-5. Utilize and cite by chapter as needed to support your essay. Cite a minimum of 2 relevant chapters. INSTRUCTIONS: Submit 1 document only to Turn-it-in link. No emailed essays. No multiple submissions. No late essays. No collaboration. Be sure your essay is proofread and finalized before you submit. Once you submit document, it is final, whether or not you submit early. Turn-it-in will detect plagiarism at any level. Be advised of academic dishonesty policy noted on syllabus and University website. Academic dishonesty will be strictly penalized per University policy. ESSAY QUESTION: Answer the following essay question, in essay format with an intro, thesis statement, body paragraphs, a conclusion, and references section in ASA format. The essay should be at least 2 double-spaced pages in length but no more than 3, and must be submitted via Turn-it-in. Be sure to cite and reference the Sandstrom et al. book in ASA format. You shall cite and reference chapters 1-5 of your choice to support your essay; but you are not required to cite and reference all the chapters. Compare and contrast any sociological social psychological theory covered in the Sandstrom book (i.e. Iowa School SI, Dramaturgical Theory, Exchange Theory, Social Cognition Theory, Ethnomethodology) with Chicago School Symbolic Interactionism (Mead/Blumer). In doing so be sure to accomplish the following: Briefly discuss the essence of each theory as explanations of social interaction, socialization, and the self. Mention and define at least 3 major concepts from each theory. Explain a key strength and a key weakness of each theory.