Samantha Gan-Flentroy posted Dec 30, 2019 8:15 AM

                Target has been reported in the Top 50 Companies for Diversity for many years. Target views diversity and inclusion as key to their business strategy (Cornell). Target’s workforce race demographic is nearly split down the middle with 48% being diverse. Target maintains high diversity statistics throughout the company’s structure. Target prides themselves on supporting diversity throughout their communities offering several diversity scholarships. Target promotes equal employment opportunities with nondiscrimination policy. Target’s employees are provided equal opportunity for advancement based upon their skills and knowledge. Comparing Target to my current workplace is a little difficult since they are two completely different industries. The U.S Air Force has struggled with diversity for many years. According to Air Force’s personnel center, unlike Target the Air Force’s workforce is only 20% diverse. The Air Force’s focus is it recruit based off of an individual’s skills and knowledge. Even retention of diversity within the Air Force struggles, especially retention of women. A large majority of leadership within the Air Force is male.


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