This is the first (of five) Critical Thinking Posts for the course. It must be posted on Canvas by 8pm on Monday, January 6th, 2020.

This is an opportunity for you to take a position on a media and culture issue using your informed opinion by the theory and concepts you are learning about in this course.

Your answer must be a balance between what you think with what you have read, watched, listened to (provided by Dr. Dorsey-Elson), heard stated during a relevant mini-lecture AND/OR information you attained from a credible source (which you must state so that Dr. Dorsey-Elson can verify its validity).

Your critical thinking writing post is completed correctly when you respond directly to the questions that Dr. Dorsey-Elson posts and you use complete sentences that are proofread for grammatical errors. Late critical thought posts will NOT be graded.

Please write a 10 to 12 sentence response to the following multi-part question:

Is there really a value in media convergence for society? Is yes, give some specific examples of converged media that benefits society and clearly state why? If not, give some specific examples of converged media that does NOT benefit society and clearly state why not?