Both the lit review and methodology need amending see below: 

Lit review needs to be amended (notes within the document)


– notes within the document 

– the whole methodology needs to be changed to secondary data ONLY see explanation below: 

The research should mostly refer to case studies / the past experiences of a few firms such as: McDonald’s when it launched in Japan, the changes they had to make to adapt to the culture there (e.g. the teriyaki burger) and the difficulties Walmart has faced when trying to enter new markets. The study should also use models and theories that explain how firms should deal with cultural issues. The study should examine diverse literature on cultural issues, emerging markets, and globalisation.

Also need the following two chapters to be done: 

– Case study chapter; research and summary of findings(approx 2000 – 2500 words)

– Conclusion and Recommendations for future research (approx 1500 words)