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Conduct an internet search finding a job you are interested in that posts the salary range in the ad or recruitment firms description, place URL in thread area and then comment on:

Pros and Cons to putting salary information in a job ad

  1. Employer Perspective
  2. Prospective Employee Perspective

students answer

The City of Dallas has a job posting for an Office Assistant on LinkedIn (URL below). They’ve put a range of $12-$19/hour.

The Pros for listing salary range from the employer perspective is that this weeds out people who are overqualified and/or looking for a job that pays a different salary. The Con for the employer perspective is that a great candidate may be deterred from applying because they see a range and not sure if they’ll get paid on the higher end of the range.

The Pros for listing salary range from a prospective employee perspective is that they have an idea of what to expect upon hiring. Typically, prospective employees go to interviews without knowing what their compensation and/or benefits are. The Con is that people who are qualified for a position see a salary amount (but believe that they should be paid more) they are less likely to apply for those positions.