Please answer questions in at least 2 paragraphs or more per question. With at least 1 reference

Discussion 1

Chapter one examines issues related to stigma and recovery and identifies four distinct forms of stigma. Among them is public stigma, which involves negative and biased portrayals of the mentally ill by the public. In what ways do you think the media (movies, TV shows, ads) contribute to public stigma toward mental illness? What other forms of public stigma toward mental illness can you identify?

Discussion 2

Please discuss issues one must consider in building effective community mental health responses to the specific needs of marginalized populations.

Discussion 3

This chapter addressed issues related to consumers of mental health services. What other groups can you think of in the United States that have had a similar kind of history? What is your impression of their past and current situation? What “lessons learned” can we apply from this reading to your identified group(s)?