Topic : Emerging Threats and Counter measurements Evaluate the threats of a botnet attack. Your response should be at least 200+ words, and contain at least one external citation and reference in APA format. You are also required to post a response to a minimum […]


Review:  Dashboards for Your Board: Communicating Data Effecively and Efficiently, Two Keys to Deliver Better Care and Measure: Pod Implementation & Dashboards, Utilizing Big Data to Provide Better Health at Lower Cost, and Intelligent and Actionable Dashboards articles. Additionally, review the following Saint Martins Clinic (Links to an external site.)sample dash board […]


Search “scholar.google.com” for a company, school, or person that has been the target of a networkor system intrusion? What information was targeted? Was the attack successful? If so, what changeswere made to ensure that this vulnerability was controlled? If not, what mechanisms were in-place to […]

Document Exercise 4.1: Paraphrase Practice

eview the Paraphrasing tutorial here (Links to an external site.). There’s also a helpful video here (Links to an external site.). Directions: Paraphrase the quote below by putting into your own words “I am most willing to answer all questions about myself. I have nothing to hide from your […]

635 Paper

Develop the business plan and understand all key components required for successful development and implementation Instructions: You will now complete and submit the entire business plan document.    This assignment DOES NOT need to be in APA format.  It should be formatted in an attractive way […]

Nursing Research

Here is a list of five peer-reviewed nursing research journal articles on nursing research that are available through the Regis Library. Choose one of them that is of interest to you to read. Cody, S. E., Sullivan-Bolyai, S., & Reid-Ponte, P. (2018). Making a connection: Family experiences with […]

Discussion Stadistics

Answer the following questions in a paragraph. Use Apa Style and avoid plagiarism. Use citations and references. Make the assignment in Spanish. 1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a bar chart, pie chart or Pareto chart? 2. Contrast the bar chart for […]

Demand Management Plan

this assessment it is connected to assessment 1? title: Demand Management Plan Prepare a 7-page demand management plan, including a forecasting, inventory management, and scheduling analysis, as well as recommendations, for a provided scenario or business of your choice. Introduction This portfolio work project, a […]

635 Forum

 1. Should you exaggerate in the Market Analysis in order to make your investment more attractive? 2. What’s wrong with the argument that “if I could get 1% of a huge market, then we would all be rich?” 3. What is the Marketing and Sales […]