You must respond to ALL prompts once initially (there are 2-5 questions per prompt). Aim to write a thorough paragraph per prompt with historical and/or current examples, citing where you found the information in the online textbook. For example, something found in chapter 2, section II, could be cited like this: (Yawp, 2, II). Also reference the video below. You do not need to find any other outside sources. Top mark posts will be 300 + words.

Second: Reply to your classmate(s) in a separate post. Agree with or refute something they have said, again providing examples and citations. Aim for a paragraph here, as well (200+ words). It is not enough to say “I agree with _____. Great post!” Add something to the conversation. Ask a question of the initial poster. Include references to materials.


How was life in America in the 1980s different from that of the 1970s? How would you characterize the decade? In a word? A sentence? A paragraph?