Choose two of the assigned stories from The Seagull Book of Stories to address the prompt below. As it is the first week of class, and there are inevitably textbook issues, I’ve provided links to the texts online as well, though it is preferable you use your text and cite by author last name and page number like so: (Faulkner 155). 

This week’s short stories are often considered in the horror or supernatural genre of literature, and in these texts, the authors consider questions of moral ambiguity and challenge both personal and cultural ideas of right and wrong. Use two of the assigned texts to discuss the following: How does storytelling enforce what is considered normal or moral by showing the reader/listener the opposite? Do your chosen texts seem to suggest, as Hawthorne’s “dark man” puts it, that “Evil is the nature of mankind” (199) or do these stories illustrate that people are generally good and society corrupts? Is there a lesson to be learned from your stories or are they purely entertainment? 

Be specific! Use details and at least one brief quote from each text to support your claims and engage both of your chosen texts. Please remember that initial responses are due no later than Thursday (1/9), and postings must occur on 3 separate days for full participation/credit.