Proposal for Social Change Assignment    (See Calendar for Draft Due Dates)

“Writing for Social Change is based on the longstanding tradition in Western culture of using 

literature as a tool for social critique, as a means of calling for social change and justice, and as a 

tool for social transformation” ( We have already read examples of calls for large 

scale change (The Declaration of Independence).

The goal of this research-based persuasive proposal is to help you identify one specific, concrete 

area of personal interest (and narrow a topic), develop your skills as a writer and encourage you 

to share your voice and participate in a democratic society by examining the role of literature and 

literary production in creating social transformation.

Objective: Write a 4-5 page proposal for social change using MLA documentation. 

Narrow the topic (propose a specific change in your neighborhood, community, school and/or 

workplace). Be specific in your problem statement (thesis). Write as much as you can from your 

own knowledge and experience. Then, use research to support your ideas. Include a personal 

interview and a local news article.  You will need to paraphrase from outside sources which 

support your own ideas. Quote any exact phrases or sentences you utilize in your paper. Make 

sure to add in-text citations after any ideas you have brought into your paper from outside 

sources. Read the section on plagiarism in the syllabus. This will emphasize the importance of 

documenting information.

Format:  Fit your proposal in this outline, so you can visually see how the components fit 

together and help you “trim” your paper. Break your paper into the following sections:


Problem Statement (thesis)

What is Being Done

What Needs to Be Done

Implications for the Future


Thesis and Topic:   

Businesses located within the Houston Medical Center should cover the cost of parking for their employees because employees lose part of their salary when paying for parking and some employees struggle with being able to afford rising parking costs.