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Discussion on Recent AttackCOLLAPSE

Describe in detail the recent cybersecurity issue that you selected.

Recently the City of Baltimore Government was a victim of a ransomware cyberattack causing the bulk of the city’s servers to be down. According to the article by Duncan and Campbell (2019), this was their second cyberattack in just over a year. The hackers demanded 3 bitcoins (valued at approximately $17,600) per system or 13 bitcoins (valued at approximately $76,280) for everything (Duncan, 2019). The city was able to quarantine the ransomware; however, they are still unaware of how the hackers infiltrated their system or on how large of a scale it was done. 

How was the enterprise impacted?

Though some critical systems such as 911 and 311 weren’t affected, there was still a pretty hard impact on their operation. There were important areas of the city government had to shut down. For example, City Council hearings were cancelled, customer phone lines and e-mail were down, and impound lots were unable to pick up towed vehicles. It was actually reported that City Hall employees left early for the day.

What could have been done to prevent the incident?

According to the article, they are still unaware of how this denial of service (DoS) was able to infiltrate their system. The hacker was able to find a vulnerability and use it as an attack vector. Once the City of Baltimore contained the damage and was able to recover, they had to look into bettering their prevention and detection system. One of the measures they took was educating all employees about how to avoid and report any suspect emails to prevent phishing. Most vulnerabilities stem from people not complying with all security rules and regulations. 


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Emerging Threats & Countermeasures

Suresh Komirisetty

University of the Cumberlands



Recent Cyber Security Attack

Georgia Tech was hacked by an obscure outside gathering, who seems to have first accessed its frameworks in December 2018. The school didn’t find the break until March 21 and didn’t reveal it until April 2. The attackers evidently broke in by method for a defective web application; the break seems to have been found by the application engineers when a critical presentation drop was watched. (Ikeda, 2019)

The school has since fixed the helplessness, however, the obscure programmer approached records for around a quarter of a year. Considering the number of records recorded, it’s sheltered to accept they approached workforce and student data going back like two decades. Birth dates and government disability numbers “may have” been gotten to as indicated by the school’s proper articulation, making this an intense security disappointment with respect to the college. (Ikeda, 2019)

As Dan Tuchler noted, Georgia Tech has been praised for its IT ability. The school’s very own site as of now flaunts that it’s considered the #2 cybersecurity school in the US by Degree Prospects, U.S. News and World Report’s #2 graduate school for IT open strategy, and their #4 graduate program for PC designing. The school is additionally a college associated look into place for the Department of Defense and was the 2015 champ of the Internet Defense Prize granted by USENIX Security and Facebook. Peculiar, at that point, that it gives off an impression of being so powerless against cyber-attacks. (Ikeda, 2019)


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