FE 200 Final Exam Study Guide

· Be sure to review the investment quiz for the final exam


· How is inflation studied, what is it

· Why does the economy move in a series of ups and downs

· The role of a bankruptcy lawyer and why he/she will tell you bankruptcy is your only option

· What is NOT bankruptable

· What is the role of debt settlement companies

· What type of credit counseling is involved and when

· Role of trustee

· Ways to prevent identity theft

· Who is eligible for FMLA

· What is the time frame available for employees

· Types of unemployment

· How is unemployment measured

· Stages of the financial life cycle

· Investing vs. speculating

· Lending investments vs. ownership investments

· The return of investing- dividends, capital loss & gains, interest

· Securities market- primary markets & secondary markets, IPO’s, NYSE, OTC

· Types of brokers

· The DOW & the S&P 500, Features of Common Stock

· Mutual Funds- making money, costs, advantages & disadvantages, types

· Bonds- terminology, corporate, treasury & municipal

· Inflation, deflation, depression, recession, GNP, CPI, unemployment

· Unemployment- frictional, structural, voluntary, involuntary

· Employment rate, Additional unemployment measures

· Workforce trends

· FMLA- policy, reasons for taking leave, job benefits & protection, unlawful acts by employers