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Conduct an internet search finding a job you are interested in that posts the salary range in the ad or recruitment firms description, place URL in thread area and then comment on:

Pros and Cons to putting salary information in a job ad

  1. Employer Perspective
  2. Prospective Employee Perspective

students answer

After searching online for current openings for a human resource profession in the Los Angeles area, I came across the posting for a Manager, Human Resources Business Partner for the Walt Disney Company. I found the original link on Linkedin jobs, where it listed the salary range as $70K – $127K.

From the employer’s perspective, by listing the salary ranges for the role, they can attract the appropriate level of experienced applicants to fill the role. “Companies typically set base pay amount for jobs according to the level of skills, effort, and responsibility required to perform the job…” (Martocchio). With the anticipation of qualified applicants applying for the role they due to a competitive salary range, the company is trying to fill the position quickly. With such a wide range of salary, they can offer a qualified applicant a salary that fits their level of experience and not be forced into offering a fixed amount. By sharing salary information, this will discourage applications that have high salary expectations form applying for the role if this range doe not meet the minimum salary expectations. On the other side, an applicant that is only interested in the salary they may apply for the role and not be a fit with the company’s business or culture. Disney is a global company and known for its family-friendly brand, by attracting candidates that do not have the same values and are in search for a title or salary this might disrupt the norms within the organization. Another possible negative about posting salary info, if a current employee learns about the salary information and this range is outside of the previous ranges in which they were hired, this to can create internal employee relation issues.

From the perspective of an applicant wanting to apply for this position by seeing the salary range, they will know financially if this is a position they can support themselves before going through an interview process. Traditionally when people are applying for a new role, they want to increase there salary know this before applying will be positive. Additionally, if offered the role, they can negotiate within the ranges that were posted for the position. On the other side of publicly sharing the salary info, if an applicant takes the role, they run the risk of their peers knowing their base pay.

Martocchio, J. J. (2018). Strategic compensation: a human resource management approach (Ninth). Boston: Pearson India.