Discussion 1

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Discussion Post 1:

From the above reading, take one quote. It can be a short paragraph or just a sentence or two.  Include with bold and underline the page number, chapter or section title, and the full quote. 

  1. Explain what you believe the writer is trying to communicate, basically summarize your understanding.  Then indicate whether you agree or disagree.  (300 words minimum)
  2. Post two responses to peers whether you understand, agree, disagree or have another interpretation of the quote. Responses to two classmates need to be at least 100 words each.  In addition, you WILL NOT receive credit for responding to a classmate if TWO students have posted responses already.  You are welcome to respond to as many posts as you like, but you will only get credit for being the first or second person to respond to a post.

You must post your original response by Friday of this week (1/17, 11:59pm), and post your two responses to peers by Tuesday of next week (1/21, 11:59pm).