Option #1:  The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)

Evaluate the performance of NAFTA. Using the concepts learned through this course, apply the theories and concepts of global economics to evaluate the following:

  • Trace the historical performance of the U.S. and either the Canadian or Mexican economies since NAFTA passed.
  • Identify industries that have grown since NAFTA, and industries that have shrunk since NAFTA, in each country.
  • Describe how NAFTA is a free trade agreement.
  • Describe how NAFTA is not a free trade agreement.
  • Provide your own recommendations for beneficial changes to NAFTA. Specify from which country’s point of view the changes would be beneficial.

Your final paper must be 8-10 pages long, not including the title and references pages. It must cite a minimum of ten peer-reviewed or professional sources and be formatted per the APA