Review the attached Case Study. 

You are the Project Manager at Lizard Farm Insurance. You have decided you want to use Agile, more specifically, Scrum to run this project. You present the idea to your PMO and they tell you they are skeptical, but they will allow you to present your ideas to Heather Pruna, the VP of Product Innovation, and Anjali Patel, the VP of Technology. The PMO will leave for these two VPs to decide if you can use Scrum for your project. Your task is to convince them. You can either draft a Memo or do a Presentation (PowerPoint, Prezi, etc). As in the “real world,” there are not specific page/slide limit or style, you are to decide what’s best for two VPs of Lizard Farm – since they are your audience. 

This assignment should address: 

· Why are you proposing Agile? What is Agile? 

· Why Scrum, out of all Agile Processes? 

· What are the benefits of using Agile?

· What are the limitations of using Agile? 

· How will this benefit Lizard Farm, company wide? 

Notes on your audience:

· They are not in the day-to-day like you, they hold the organization at large.

· Two extremely busy people in leadership. Don’t have that much time.

· They are very intelligent, but Agile is something they only have head of. 

· You don’t have the support of your PMO, yet. 

· They would want to hold you accountable for the success of this project, how will you address that. 

Notes on your assignment: 

· Use the Agile resources in “Supporting Materials” folder to help guide your discussion of Agile

· Use Chapter 1 and 3 in “Essential Scrum ” Textbook to guide your discussion of Scrum.

· Keep your audience in mind – brief, concise, yet impactful message!